Fenwicks Christmas Window 2011

This years window has the strapline "Once Upon a Time - Celebrating 40 years of Fenwicks christmas stories".

All these photos were taken quite early in the morning before it was switched on so forgive me for the odd appearance of my cameras flash reflecting in the windows. Every time that I have passed the window this week during opening hours I've not been able to get near enough to get beter shots due to the sheer number of visitors.

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Karen. said...

Thanks so much. Born and raised in Newcastle but have lived in Canada for the last 34 years, Always check online at Christmas for a peek at Fenwicks' windows.

ILuvNUFC said...

You are most welcome. :)

carokl said...

born in Gosforth, brought down south but roots are still in Newcastle.......thank-you lots of tears. Carol

Vai Lynch said...

Born in Newcastle, lived in Gosforth and now reside in Perth Western Australia for the last 39 years.

Love your site, always looking at it going down memory lane. Was in Newcastle last June but only got to see a little of my old stamping ground. I commenced my Nurse training at Newcastle General Hospital and finished it at Dryburn Hospital in Durham.

Thank you so much for an excellent array of photos !

ILuvNUFC said...

You are most welcome. :)

Joanne Casey said...

That's adorable...I wouldn't be too old to enjoy that :)