Spillers Tyne Mill Demolition Photos

Demolition began on the local landmark a couple of weeks back in eraly June 2011. As with the Central Library demolition a couple of years back it is being broken up on chunk at a time...a very slow process.

Pre-demolition photos of Spillers are available here Spiller's Tyne Mill.

2nd June 2011

14th June 2011

A short video showing the demolition process.

15th June 2011

22nd June 2011

26th June 2011

28th June 2011

2nd July 2011

8th July 2011

14th July 2011

19th July 2011

24th July 2011

14th August 2011

4th September 2011

18th September 2011

28th September 2011

6th October 2011

11th October 2011

18th October 2011

23rd October 2011

6th November 2011

A short video shot by Youtube user AlansVids1

8th November 2011

22nd November 2011

1st December 2011

8th December 2011

27th December 2011

6th January 2012

15th January 2012

18th January 2012

Internal photos taken before demolition are available at the following sites


hectoria said...

Enjoyed this post.Sad to see this landmark go;lived nearby when I first came to the NE. Tyanks too for the links.Something very melancholy about abandoned industrial interiors, as if they left in a hurry

Newcastle Photos said...

Thanks, I too am sad to see it go. I suppose it is not the the kind of building that can be converted into anything else. Unless we need another Baltic Arts Museum!
I will try to update this page regurlarly as it gets demolished.

AmyB said...

Amazing pics. We stopped by the mill on sunday morning to watch the demolition...they were plucking away bit by bit at this massive steel structure situated deep in the building, a few stories up (looked a bit like a lift shaft). All we were told by a worker was that its a steel tank, but does anyone know what was it for?? Any ideas what it is and why it was there? Looked like a long job!

Newcastle Photos said...

Thanks. I've got some more recent photos to go up on here which I should get done today.

I'm not sure what the the tank was for though.

AmyB said...

Yeah it was the black tile-like section in the open section above the windows in the 23rd oct pics, but no worries...suppose it adds to the mistery of the abandoned mill! Thanks for the photos!

Shot_by_Larry said...

Nice reflection in the last pic on 4th September.

Newcastle Photos said...

Cheers. There'll be nout to reflect soon!
It's almost gone now.

Anonymous said...

The Steel bins you mention are the flour holding bins. Once the flour was milled it was blown into these bins before being sent to bakeries in paper sacks or tankers. There were 15 bins in that section holding between 32 and 44 tons in each bin.
There was another section of flour holding bins on the front of the building containing 18 bins with a capacity of 24 tons each, also another 22 bins lower down adjacent to the offices on the back of the building with a capacity of 13 ton each. A separate set of 10 bins were positioned in the yard for bulk out loading to road tankers, these had a capacity of 30 ton each. All in all the mill had an approx flour holding capacity of about 1,500 ton. The grain silo had a capacity of approx 34,000ton