John Readhead and Sons, South Shields 6th May 1963

This shot shows the graving docks and slipways. The company celebrated its centenary in 1965 and was still employing around 1,000 people. New orders for a fleet of cargo express liners for the Cunard Steam Ship Company meant a healthy future ahead. Running anti-clockwise the ships shown are No.1 Dock, Shell Supplies; No.2 Dock, Wandsworth; No.3 Dock Ambesta; No. 4 Dock, British Oak; East Quay, British General and Sunriver.

Readheads Yard 6th May 1963


Rodney Towers said...

This aerial photo is not actually of John Readhead & Sons's which company only had two drydocks. This photo actually shows four drydocks and is therefore of Middle Docks Shiprepairers, South Shields, another yard a short distance down river from Readheads.

Rodney Towers

or please check with John Bage

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