Fenwicks Christmas Window 2010

The bustle of Santa’s busy workshop has been brought to life in this year’s Fenwick’s Christmas window display.

A Fenwick spokesman said: “The first scene shows Santa sitting reading by firelight, his last chance to relax before his busiest night of the year, Christmas Eve. Then we see Santa’s elves sifting through the thousands of letters sent by children.”

A couple of short videos.

Other Years Photos:


Unknown said...

Looks very good and thanks for the vids!

J_on_tour said...

Just discovered your page. I tried to get good Youtube links as well without too much of Greggs, Collectables and WHSmith.

Newcastle Photos said...

I found it quite difficult to deal with the reflections but your photos are great, well done.
J_on_tour@jayzspaze - Fenwick's Christmas Window