Ouseburn - Old Maynards Sweet Factory

The former Maynards toffee factory in the Lower Steenbergs Yard is the centrepiece of plans by Newcastle City Council to offer targeted office space to graphic designers, software engineers and architects.

Taken from The Journal - £6m plan for Ouseburn toffee factory unwrapped

I thought it would be a good time to grab a few photos of the place before anything happened to the site.

December 2009

January 2010

July 2010

August 2010

September 2010

January 2011

February 2011

March 2011

April 7th 2011

April 26th 2011

May 17th 2011

May 20th 2011

May 29th 2011

June 15th 2011

June 22nd 2011

June 28th 2011

July 11th 2011

July 13th 2011

July 24th 2011

August 10th 2011

August 14th 2011

August 23rd 2011

September 7th 2011

September 23rd 2011

September 28th 2011

October 11th 2011

October 18th 2011

November 22nd 2011

December 8th 2011

December 27th 2011

January 6th 2012

January 12th 2012

January 18th 2012

View photos of the finished project here Toffee Factory.

A few older photos of the factory taken from my Ouseburn Page.

Old Maynards Sweet Factory

Old Maynards Sweet Factory

Old Maynards Sweet Factory

Old Maynards Sweet Factory

Old Maynards Sweet Factory

Old Maynards Sweet Factory


A tour around the Lower Steenberg Yard, Ouseburn to take a look around the former Maynard's Toffee Factory before redevelopment - taken in April 2010.

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tarmac said...

Every time you post photos like this it makes me wonder why I've not been to inspect these things myself, given that I only live a few minutes away from Ouseburn! I'm relatively new to Newcastle so it's always interesting reading about it's history.

Newcastle Photos said...

The Ouseburn area is such an interesting place to wander around as there's all kinds of things going on.

Unknown said...

great days going through the cully
n climbin the 5 bridges