This page is my guide to Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the surrounding area.
Consider it a work in progress as I will be adding a more to this page as and when. This page will hopefully end up a complete guide to Newcastle so if you need to know anything about Newcastle you will be able to come straight here.

Feel free to submit any links about Newcastle to me and I will stick them up here.

Map of the Toon
Map of the city centre. Click for biggery.

Local Media

06-06-07 Quayside (3)




Newcastle Shoe Tree

Armstrong Park
Armstrong Park Photos. Including the famous Shoe Tree.

Museums and Galleries

06-06-07 Quayside (5)

Entertainment and Music Venues

Autostitch 05-08-21 St James 02
Sports and Leisure


Funny Stuff

Geordie Blogs
Feel free to submit your blog if you think you belong in this list.




07-10-10 Tyne Bridge (7)

Other Local Photography

Other Stuff

The Likely Lads
Having all solved all of Newcastle's problems the council have now decided to ban the use of certain Geordie words. Banned! 'Hinny' 'Pet' 'Love'

Video Clips
BBC - Nation on Film - Tyne Bridge - Construction
Newcastle Evening Chronicle Advert Video
All Saints Church
Central Station
Millenium Bridge Opening
Swing Bridge
Geordielife Video Gallery


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