The following Harley Davidson Graffiti photos are all from a wall opposite Just Harleys in Dinsdale Place, Sandyford.

3rd December 2005

See my other photos around Sandyford:


Anonymous said...

No Benwell or Scotswood pictures?....a few brunt out cars would add a touch of realism to the page

Newcastle Photos said...

Yeh, I do have a few. I need a few more though so I'll need to make another trip up that way some time in the next few weeks.

They should be up here in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

i was brought up in sandyford-when it was a regular residential area-with little grocer shops,butchers and old fashioned barbers, a good sized co-op,st.barnabas church and my local school with the brewery next to gran ran the local sweet shop opposite the school for a while and my school friends were the dunbars who ran the large greengrocers for many years.

Newcastle Photos said...

Thanks, Sandyford has changed so much in recent years.

Do you have any old photos of Sandyford you'd like to share with us?

Unknown said...

What about permission from the artists to paint over their work???? Shocking years on go discover this!