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The River Tyne: Riding Mill to Corbridge

Part 7 of my Walking the River Tyne Westwards Project is from Riding Mill to Corbridge passing through an area known as Farnley Scar on the way.

It's around the 3 mile mark and almost all of the walk is along the banks, or within earshot, of the Tyne making it one of the most enjoyable stretches of the project so far. There are some stepping stones, a few steep staircases and one steep climb and descent at one point making this walk suitable only for the reasonably fit.

For long stretches of this walk along side the more sensible path there was usually the option of following a path closer to the river which was less clearly defined, muddy and crumbling in parts(dangerous) but with bonus of a better view as you walk.
I walked a mixture of both paths. The choice is yours... :)

The starting point is by the Tyne picking up from where we left off on the last leg(Bywell to Riding Mill).

After a short while you come across where the Riding Mill Burn meets the Tyne and the path bears off to the left to follow the burn for a short while until you can cross the stepping stones over the burn.

A couple of minutes after the stepping stones the path comes to a T junction. Take a right turn and follow the path through the woods alongside the river Tyne.

Soon after crossing a couple of small footbridges the path leaves the woods and opens out a little.

Keeping the fence to your left soon the path opens out a little more. Cross the stone wall and follow the track slightly uphill.

You are now in Farnley Scar. Take the time to admire the views over the lakes to your left as you stick to to the path alongside the fence.

Shortly after the lakes the main path turns off to the left but you follow the smaller path straight ahead marked with the yellow waymarker. The path now heads steeply uphill to pass over an old disused railway tunnel.

Once you reach the top of the hill you start the descent back down by a series of hills, stairs and finally a set of ladders which brings you back to ground level next to the other end of the previously mentioned disused railway tunnel.

Following the path you turn left down another fight of stairs which takes you down to river level.

After a short while the path opens up and you pass Corbridge Rugby and Corbridge Cricket Club on your left.

You soon come to a lane which leads you to Corbridge Bridge which is the end of this walk. I ignored the lane and instead followed the footpath at the beginning of the wall on your right to get back down alongside the Tyne for the final short stretch into Corbridge.

As you near the bridge cross the stone stile onto the end of the lane I mentioned before and turn right onto Corbridge Bridge which is the end of this walk.

The route on Google Maps

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