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The River Tyne: Bywell to Riding Mill

Part 6 of Walking the River Tyne Westwards Project is between the villages of Bywell and Riding Mill which is just over 4 miles.
Once again, access to the river Tyne itself was minimal so I chose a walk through Stocksfield, Broomleyhope Wood, Broomley and then passing through Whiteside Wood into Riding Mill.

There are one or two steep hills and plenty of stiles to cross so this walk is not suitable for pushchairs or wheelchairs.

Leave the village of Bywell by crossing the Tyne over to the south side then follow the road(B6309) for 10 minutes or so passing Stocksfield Rail Station on your left.

Bywell Bridge

Join the A695 for 100 yards or so then take a left joining the B6309 again. Cross a bridge over the railway lines then take a right turn into a small car park and follow the fence on your right running next to the railway lines.

After passing through some large beech and oak trees come off the main path and follow a (yellow) waymarked grass path up the hill between two young plantations.

Continue up the slightly steeper hill and you soon come to a junction, once again following the yellow waymarker, turn right and enter Broomleyhope Wood.

Follow the path through the woods crossing wooden duckboards to a clearway and then turn right at the next yellow waymarker.

This path soons brings you alongside the Smithy Burn. After 5 minutes or so cross the stile in front of you and then cross the small bridge over the Smithy Burn and climb the hill to another yellow waymarker then turn left, following the Smithy Burn.

The village of Broomley will soon come into your sight on your right. Cross the field(with a watering hole in the middle) towards the village and exit through a stile and turn right onto the track leading into Broomley.

The track meets the main road through Broomley which you will follow.

A few hundred yards after leaving the village the road bends to the right. Soon after the bend climb a ladder stile on your right into a field.

Once into the field head downhill keeping the fence on your right.

At the end of the field cross another stile, cross over the lane and enter another field by climbing another stile.

Keep the fence to your right and head downhill towards Shilford West Wood crossing another stile on the way.

When you reach the wood follow the path to your left around the edge of the wood until you come to another stile on your right next to an old stone building.

Cross the stile follow the winding path around the edge of Whiteside Wood until you come to another yellow waymarker which you follow by turning left into the wood.

After walking through the woods for a while another yellow waymarker appears directing you to your right down the hill and over another stile into a field leaving the woods behind you.

Cross the field and another stile which brings you out onto the A68. Cross straight over the main road and enter another field over another stile.

Keeping the houses on your right cross the field under some power lines and climb another stile and re-enter Whiteside Wood.

Follow the short path down a steep bank.

Cross the road to The Parish church of St James in Riding Mill.

Follow the footpath to the right of the church cross the Pack Horse bridge and bear right into the the village of Riding Mill.

Once you get to the main road turn right walking past The Wellington pub and cross the bridge over the railway lines and take your first left.

Follow the path down to the River Tyne which is the end point of this walk.

The route

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